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Italian Navy Future Landing Helicopter Dock LHD Likely to be Named Thaon di Revel

Naval Forces News - Italy
Italian Navy Future Landing Helicopter Dock LHD Likely to be Named Thaon di Revel
The multipurpose amphibious unit (LHD or Landing Helicopter Dock) currently being built at Fincantieri’s shipyard in Castellammare di Stabia for the Italian Navy (Marina Militare) is likely to be named as "Thaon di Revel". The information comes from well connected sources (with the Palazzo Marine - the Navy's general staff) at Forum Difesa.
fincantieri anfibia mutiruolo LHDCGI of the future LHD featuring a dual island configuration. Fincantieri image.
Paolo Camillo Thaon, Marquess of Revel (10 June 1859 – 24 March 1948), laterly titled by Benito Mussolini with the honorary title of 1st Duke of the Sea, was an Italian admiral of the Royal Italian Navy (Regia Marina) during World War I and later a politician.

Early rumors suggested the large flat top would be christened as "Trieste", a city and seaport in northeastern Italy.
Our video coverage on Fincantieri's LHD during Euronaval 2016
Vessel’s characteristics: LHD - Landing Helicopter Dock
The future LHD of the Italian Navy will be a large flat top vessel with a standard displacement of over 25,000 tons, a length of 240 meters and a width of 36 meters.

As seen on the scale model unveiled by Fincantieri at Euronaval 2016, the vessel features a twin island design in a similar fashion to the Royal Navy's new aircraft carrier. The LHD can accommodate a total of 1064 people including the crew of 460 sailors.
fincantieri anfibia mutiruolo LHD 2The steel cuting ceremony in July 2017. Image: Fincantieri
The LHD can accommodate permanently 12 AW101 or NH90 helicopters, or, alternatively, six F-35B aircraft and four helicopters for shorter deployments. There are nine helicopter spots on the flight deck. The LHD features a well deck measuring 15 by 50 meters which can accommodate up to four landing craft or one LCAC. A hangar on two decks measuring over 1200 square meters can carry vehicles weighing up to 60 tons.

Unlike LHDs of most navies, the Italian future amphibious vessel is set to get a significant sensor and weapons suite, including a Kronos StarFire Radar with four fixed panels in X Band and the Kronos Power Shield with the L-band AESA Radar array. A black snake towed sonar will also be fitted for torpedo protection. There will also be jammers and ODLS-20 decoy launchers. All these systems are designed by Italian company Leonardo.
LSS fincantieri Italian NavyLHD scale model unveiled by Fincantieri during Euronaval 2016
The weapon suite should include 16 Sylver A50 vertical launch systems for Aster 15 or CAMM missiles by MBDA. Three Leonardo 76mm and three Mounted aircraft flight control radar Leonardo SPN-720, ASBU Leonardo CMS SADOC Mk 4 and towable sonar Leonardo Black Snake (mainly for torpedo protection) and also powerful EW, including complex decoy Leonardo ODLS-20. Armament should include 16 vertical Sylver A50 launchers for Aster 15 or SAMM missiles, three Leonardo Super Rapid Strales 76 mm and three 25 mm naval gun systems.

The propulsion system consists in two gas turbines and two diesel engines in CODOG arrangement. Maximum speed is 25 knots. The range is 7000 nautical miles at 16 knots and the endurance is 30 days at sea.

Fincantieri started working on this LHD in July 2017, it is expected to replace aircraft carrier Garibaldi around 2020.

Our thanks to Gabriele for the tip.