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Euronaval Online 2020: VICTA Class DDU state-of-the-art stealthy divers delivery craft

During Euronaval Online, the digital edition of Euronaval 2020 International naval defense and maritime security industry exhibition, British Company Subsea Craft displays its VICTA Class DDU (Diver Deliver Unit), a state-of-the-art surface submersible craft that enables the discreet delivery and recovery of divers at range.

SAAB exhibits products and solutions for maritime defense IMDEX 2019 925 001British Company Subsea Craft displays its VICTA Class DDU (Diver Deliver Unit) at the digital edition of Euronaval 2020 (Picture source Subsea Craft)

VICTA combines the characteristics of a fast surface craft with those of a submersible. It moves quickly and seamlessly from surface to sub-surface and this transition, along with its performance in both domains is enabled by an innovative fly-by-wire control system.

VICTA is fully fly-by-wire, allowing intuitive operation, simple system upgrade and enabling potential future autonomous operation if desired. The unique multiplex controller developed in-house and drawing on experience gained from America’s Cup and Princess Yachts projects, is designed around proven Controller Area Network (CAN) technologies allowing common architecture and integration. The specially-designed helm and dashboard provide vital performance, diagnostic and crew status information at a glance.

With a hull constructed from carbon fiber and Diab core to maximize strength-to-weight ratio and withstand a wide range of surface and sub-surface loads, VICTA is optimized to achieve surface speeds in excess of 30 kts. Propulsion is provided by a 725 bhp Seatek diesel engine powering Kongsberg Kamewa waterjets. Twin 20 kW electric thrusters give a maximum submerged speed of 8 kts; four vertically-mounted Copenhagen thrusters provide accurate slow-speed depth control.

Impressive performance on the surface (c40kts and 250nm endurance) is matched by equally striking specification underwater where 4hrs endurance is sufficient to navigate 2 crew and 6 divers for 25nm.

VICTA is designed for flexible deployment into and within an operational theatre. It can be carried within a standard ISO shipping container and so is easily transportable by road or surface vessel. Its composite construction gives a dry displacement of just 6,900 kg, enabling its carriage to be underslung by heavy-lift helicopter (e.g. Boeing CH-47 Chinook) or within the cargo bay of air transport aircraft (e.g. Lockheed C-130 Hercules). Combined with its 250 nm endurance, these options contribute to a global reach and truly flexible capability.

VICTA enables the inconspicuous insertion and extraction of mission-ready capability at range and as such, it broadens the spectrum of operational options on offer to commanders of Maritime, Joint, and Special Operations.