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In early 2014, Brazil remains the sole South American nation to field an active aircraft carrier (Argentina gave up the use of their carriers decades ago). BNS Sao Paulo (A12) represents the flagship of the modern Brazilian Navy and originated in France in 1959 as a Foch (R99) Clemenceau-class carrier. Once her service in the French Fleet ended, she was purchased by the Brazilian government to become the Sao Paulo, carrying the name of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Sao Paulo Aircraft Carrier variants:

FS Clemenceau (R98).

Technical Data

Weapon Systems
 Main armament  4 x 100mm turreted guns
 Torpedoes  NA
 Auxiliary Armament  NA
 Missiles  2 x SACP Crotale EDIR short-range surface-to-air missile launchers;
 4 x Twin-tubed SIMBAD Mistral surface-to-air missile launchers;
 Counter-Measures  NA
Engines  6 x Indret boiler systems powering;
 4 x steam turbines;
 2 x propellers at 126,000hp
Speed  32 knots
Range  7000 nautical  miles
Onboard Equipment
Sensors  NA
Radars   NA


Dimensions Displacement
- Length: 265,18m - 870ft
- Width: 31,70m - 104ft
- Height: 8,6m - 28,2ft
67,000 tonnes
Beam Draught
104 ft 28 ft
Aircraft Crew
32 1920
Class Date of service
NA 2000
Country Manufacturer Country operators
France Brazil

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