Technical Review: Type 075 LHD Landing Helicopter Dock - Amphibious Assault Ship of PLA China Navy

Type 075 LHD of Chinese Navy Technical review and analysis by the Navy Recognition editorial team. The Type 075 Landing Helicopter Dock LHD (NATO reporting name Yushen-class landing helicopter assault) is a class of Chinese amphibious assault ship under construction by the Hudong–Zhonghua Shipbuilding Company. Currently, China has already built two Type 075 ships.
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Type 075 LHD Landing Helicopter Dock Amphibious Assault Ship PLA China Chinese Navy 925 003 China's first domestically developed and constructed Type-075 amphibious assault ship was launched in Shanghai, September 2019. (Picture source China MoD)

An amphibious assault ship is a type of amphibious warfare ship employed to land and support ground forces on enemy territory by an amphibious assault. The design evolved from aircraft carriers converted for use as helicopter carriers or VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft.

The Type 075 will give Chinese navy ability to deploy helicopters, landing craft and troops to attack enemy naval vessels, ground forces or submarines. The vessels will also be capable of conducting command and control operations.

The development design of the Type 75 landing ship helicopter started in 2011. On September 25, 2019, China launched the first of a new type of amphibious assault ship called the Type 075 that has an estimated displacement of 30,000 to 40,000 tons, compared to 41,000 to 45,000 tons for U.S. Navy LHA/LHD-type amphibious assault ship. A second unit of Type 075 was launched in April 2020. China's military plans to deploy four Type 075 assault ships by 2025.

According to naval military experts, the Chinese Type 075 LHD (Landing Helicopter Dock) is currently estimated to have a full displacement of about 31,000 tons, with the capacity to carry up to 30 helicopters. It is capable of sailing at 30 knots and can carry up to 1,208 sailors.

Type 075 LHD Landing Helicopter Dock Amphibious Assault Ship PLA China Chinese Navy 925 004
Launching of second Type 075 of Chinese Navy (Picture source Twitter account Loognaval)

The Type-075 LHD (Landing Helicopter Dock) is around 895 feet (273m) long and 141 feet (43m) across. It will be able to carry a large air wing to transport the troops, including attack helicopters. And a flooded dock in the stern will be able to carry large hovercraft very similar to the U.S. Navy’s LCAC.

Type 075 could be powered by a 9,000 kW 16PC2-6B diesel engine. It could be armed with four close-in weapon systems including two HHQ-10 surface-to-air defense missile systems and two H/PJ-11/Type 730 seven-barreled 30 mm Gatling gun.

The HHQ-10 is a rocked based system developed for the protection of ships against inbound anti-ship missiles. It uses launchers with a capacity of 8 to 24 missiles. Each missile uses imaging infrared guidance and has a proximity fuse. Missiles with dual-mode seeker feature additional passive radar homing. The solid-propellant rocket motor allows for a maximum speed of over Mach 2. Against non-maneuvering subsonic targets, the maximum range is 9 km. The maximum altitude is estimated up to 6 km. The practical maximum range against anti-ship missiles is 5 km.

The H/PJ-11 is a seven-barreled 30 mm Gatling gun mounted in an enclosed automatic turret and directed by radar, and electro-optical tracking systems. The maximum rate of fire is 5800 rd/m, and the effective range is up to 3 km.