Analysis: Modern warships to participate in Russian Navy parade

Forty-six warships and submarines from all Russian fleets will participate in the Navy parade to be held on July 26 in St. Petersburg and Kronshtadt. They include the Orel nuclear submarine of project 949A, the Admiral Kasatonov frigate of project 22350, the Vice-Admiral Kulakov big antisubmarine ship of project 1155. An artillery ship of project 21630 will arrive from the Caspian Sea. It is still to be clarified whether the Gremyashchy latest corvette and the Yakov Balyaev minesweeper will participate.
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Analyses Modern warships to participate in Navy parade 925 001Russian Naval Parade 2019 (Picture source: Piotr Kovalev/TASS)

Sources of the publication said preparations for the Navy parade had begun. The list of warships and aircraft is being finalized. The participation of the Gremyashchy corvette and the Yakov Balyaev minesweeper is being decided.

The Gremyashchy is undergoing trials in the Baltic Sea and is to join the Pacific fleet in 2020. So far, it is the only warship of project 20385. The Yakov Balyaev was floated in early 2020 and the crew are preparing it for mooring trials. The parade will comprise the sea and air parts. Naval airplanes and helicopters will follow a formation of warships. The Admiral Kasatonov frigate and the Petr Morgunov big amphibious assault ship of project 11711 will sail. The Orel SSGN of project 949A will arrive in Kronshtadt from the Northern fleet.

The warships will form two columns. The first will sail the Neva River in the center of St. Petersburg. Bigger warships and the Orel submarine will be in Kronshtadt. Two latest hydrographic vessels will sail the Neva. The Admiral Vladimirsky oceanographic research vessel will be anchored in Kronshtadt. The parade will engage a total of 46 warships and submarines.

The Northern fleet will delegate the Admiral Kasatonov frigate and the Orel SSGN. The Caspian flotilla will be represented by a small artillery ship of project 21630. The flotilla operates three such ships - the Astrakhan, the Volgodonsk and the Makhachkala. One of them will sail by inland waters from Astrakhan to St. Petersburg.

The air parade will engage 41 aircraft - fighter jets, bombers, assault jets, airlifters and antisubmarine airplanes, as well as helicopters. Actually all types of hardware will be represented.

The antisubmarine Be-200 amphibian will debut. The Defense Ministry has ordered six aircraft of the Beriev Design Bureau.

Su-33 from the 279th fighter jet regiment of the Northern fleet will traditionally fly. MiG-31BM will also participate, as well as multirole Su-30SM of the naval aviation.

Helicopters will include Mi-8 and Mi-24, as well as seaborne Ka-27 and Ka-29. The rotorcraft are carried by corvettes, frigates and cruisers and engage in rescue and antisubmarine missions. They are all being upgraded. Sources said seaborne Ka-52K reconnaissance helicopter gunships will also fly.

Besides St. Petersburg, Navy parades will be held in all naval bases in Severomorsk, Baltiisk, Vladivostok, Sevastopol and the Mediterranean base in Tartus. The parade will be for the first time held in the new base of the Caspian flotilla in Kaspiisk, the Izvestia said.

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