Analysis: Russian development of combat ships and future of naval forces in Russia Part 1

It has been recently reported that the Russian Defense Ministry began drafting the crew matrix for universal amphibious assault ships of project 23900. They are often called Russian Mistral. The construction of the landing ships is accompanied by the reform of marines. New units are formed in marine brigades and regiments and modern arms and hardware are supplied, the Independent Military Review writes.
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Russian development of combat ships and future of naval forces in Russia Analysis Part 1 925 001 Ivan Gren of project 11711 is a class of landing ship that is being built for the Russian Navy. (Picture source Twitter)

Big landing ships of project 775 have been the main warships of marines until recently. The crew matrix was adapted to the ships.

The composition of the amphibious assault fleet is changing. In particular, the Ivan Gren of project 11711 is already operational. The Petr Morgunov second ship of the project is undergoing trials. It is likely to participate in the Navy parade this year.

Another two landing ships were laid by an upgraded project in the spring of 2019. CEO of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) Alexey Rakhmanov said the full displacement will increase to 8000 tons and the superstructure architecture will change.

The Russian Navy operates five marine brigades and one regiment. The Northern, Black Sea and Baltic fleets have one formation each. The Pacific fleet operates two brigades. The Caspian flotilla has a marine regiment. The 382nd marine battalion is deployed in Temryuk and subordinated to the 810th marine brigade. The formation has a special status and is sometimes called peacekeeping.

The marine reform began in 2017. A company of T-80BV tanks joined the 40th marine brigade in Kamchatka. In September 2019, tanks were supplied to the 155th marine brigade in the Far East. The Defense Ministry said the tanks arrived by rail in Vladivostok to rearm the coastal forces of the Pacific fleet.

All marine brigades formed reconnaissance-assault battalions, electronic warfare (EW) companies and companies of landing means.

Each brigade will have one assault battalion and two-three marine battalions. Marine scouts will be also reinforced. Regiments and brigades are creating reconnaissance-assault battalions. Each of them will have two reconnaissance and one commando companies.

The formation of new units proceeds unevenly so far. In June 2020, Commander of northeastern forces Rear Admiral Alexander Yuldashev said the marine brigade has formed an EW company and completed the creation of a company of landing means. The tank company has not yet developed into a battalion.

The situation with tanks for the marines is tense. Tank battalions have been formed in the 61st marine brigade of the Northern fleet and the 155th brigade of the Pacific fleet. The 810th brigade of the Black Sea fleet and the 336th brigade of the Baltic fleet have received no tanks so far. They are likely to be armed with T-72B3 / T-72B3M rather than T-80BM.