Swedish Navy Combat Boat 90HSM marks its 30th anniversary

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the development in Sweden by FMV of the Combat Boat 90. The latest version is Combat Boat 90HSM with high performance and increased capability. Six have been delivered to FMV and deliveries will be made to the Swedish Armed Forces before the turn of the year. A total of 18 new HSM will be built, and the final delivery will take place in 2020.

Swedish Navy Combat Boat 90HSM marks its 30th anniversary 925 001 The Swedish Armed Forces are marking the 30 years in service of the Combat Boat 90 as they received the first units of the latest version, HSM, of which they have ordered 18 for the Berga-based Amphibious Regiment (Picture source: FMV)

Combat boat 90HSM has the same hull as its predecessors but is still a brand-new boat. From being more of a troop transport vehicle, it has now gained greatly enhanced efficiency and scouting ability as well as a platoon management system.

The new version has two new, more powerful engines from Scania as well as a new type of water jet that is much more efficient than the old ones. The boats are also equipped with interceptors, a kind of computer-controlled trim plan, which improves the boat's performance and creates the opportunity for the soldiers to operate efficiently from the deck.

When the new design was developed, they worked hard to keep the weight down. By removing, for example, mine rails, front lavage, the water tank and toilet, it was possible to install the weapons station and management system. The weight calculation is based on the fact that a soldier today weighs 135 kg with his equipment.

The conditions for loading material on board have been improved by fixed cargo boxes, where pallets or load nets were previously used. Nowadays, every soldier can clasp their weapons in the transport compartment.

The boat has a remotely operated weapon station for a 12.7 mm machine gun or 40mm grenade launcher and a Ksp 58 coaxial machine gun. The weapon station is stabilized and has a good sensor fit, with both day and night capability, which results in long-range detection effectiveness. This means a large capability increase for the combat boat, and the same weapons station can also be used on other platforms, for example, the Guard Boat 88.

In connection with the celebration of the Combat Boat’s 30 years at the Amphibious Regiment, based in Berga, company guidance boats and life-long combat boats were handed over to the Swedish Armed Forces. The boats will go directly into operation and immediately contribute to the unit’s ability to carry out its tasks.

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