Navy Forces Naval Maritime Defense Security Industry

According to a tweet published by Ismail Demir (SSB), deliveries continue in the MELTEM-3 project carried out by the Presidential Defense Industry Presidency (SSB), which provides significant added value to the Naval Forces Command in Defense of the Blue Homeland. Within the scope of the project, the second P-72 Maritime Patrol Aircraft was delivered.

According to a press release published by March 11, 2021, Canadian defence firm JSK Naval Support (JSK) has been selected by Lockheed Martin Canada to supply its Torpedo Launcher System (TLS). The Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) program is for 15 vessels and as an initial contract JSK will supply four new TLS ship sets to the CSC program between 2024 and 2026.

According to a press release published by Philippine News Agency on March 10, 2021, the medium-range ramjet supersonic BrahMos cruise missile system is the ideal weapon for the planned shore-based anti-ship missile project of the Philippine Navy (PN), its chief said.

According to information published by Broadsword on March 10, 2021, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) crossed an important milestone on Monday, when it demonstrated an Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) system that will allow Indian Navy submarines to operate for up to two weeks without having to surface to recharge batteries.

According to information published by Daily Sabah on March 8, 2021, Greece has deployed an assault boat to the Greek island of Kastellorizo (Megisti-Meis) in addition to continuing to maintaining military vessels on Eastern Aegean islands under a demilitarized status, the Turkish Defense Ministry stated.

According to information published by Kyiv Post on March 8, 2021, new missile boats for the Ukrainian Navy will be designed in the UK as part of a previously signed memorandum on re-equipping the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Defence Attaché at the British Embassy Tim Woods said.

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